Q: What is a Persona-label©

A: It’s a personalized label.  When you add your MyCoCreations Persona-label© text you will receive an a personalized product label in addition to the custom ingredients that you selected.



Q: What is Mica and why is safe?

A: Mica is obtained from minerals in the earth. Different shades are due to various mineral pigments.  Mica is used in almost every big name make product however it usually accompanied by various other unnatural and toxic chemicals to make the color “last” and more vibrant that it is in its natural form.  Our mica is in the powdered form and does not contain any other ingredients and therefore is it as pure as possible.  For centuries many ancients used mica to adorn their skin as well as using it in their artwork, pottery and more.




Q: What is the CoCreators Club?

A: The MyCoCreations CoCreators Club is a rewards program that I created as a way to say thank you to those that support me often.  (to register see link below)

The rewards based on purchase reward minimum (PRM): 
Once you reach 5 purchases (PRM) in a calendar year you will receive 10% off your total purchases for the rest of that calendar year. 
Once you reach 10 purchases (PRM) in a calendar year, you will receive 15% off your total purchase, for the rest of that calendar year. 
Once you reach 15 or more purchases (PRM) in a calendar year, you will receive 20% off your total purchase, for the rest of that calendar year. 
How it works: 
Once you sign up you will be a registered member. Each purchase a registered member makes goes towards their membership reward. 
The calendar year begins January 1 and ends on December 31 (12 months), any purchases made during that time frame will apply to that current years membership and will reset on Jan 1 of the following year. 
Once you have reached your purchase reward minimum (PRM) you will receive a electronic membership card, via the email account* you registered with. 
This card will contain a unique membership ID and code which will type into the discount box prior to your purchase.  At that point your purchase total 
will be discounted based on your (PRM), which will also be displayed on your membership card.

Go here http://eepurl.com/yg8-D to register to become a member. 

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