Everyone’s body is different and your experience will be uniquely determined by your diet and lifestyle.


With most products your experience will likely be amazement and pure joy at the realization that your products DON’T need to contain a lot of ingredients to be effective.  There are also a few things that you can expect dependent on the product.  See the detailed list of products below.


Most deodorant on the shelves contain many harmful ingredients including aluminum.  How “those” deodorants do not block or prevent the bacteria that creates an odor, instead it is attempting to cover the scent and prevent you from sweating.  Sounds like a good idea right? We’ve been misled!  By preventing the process that your body normally goes through to cleanse and release the toxins it has absorbed, you are really doing damage.  So if the toxins that are suppose to come out of your body are being blocked and therefore staying in your body, your body will start to defend itself.  When the body defends itself many different things can occur.  Some people will develop breast cancer, swollen lymph nodes and/or cysts to name a few.

When you switch to an MyCoCreations Powder or Cream Based aluminum free deodorant you receive many benefits.  The first benefit being your body will now resume it’s proper function and you will sweat again.  Human beings are suppose to sweat.  The amount of sweat and the odor that comes from the bacteria is something you have the power to control without harming your body.  So give your body about 1 week or less to adapt to using your MyCoCreations Powder or Cream Based aluminum free deodorant.  You may notice odor for the first few days, but this is normal so don’t be alarmed.  Again, your body is releasing all those toxins that hare being stored in your tissues.  Secondly, since your deodorant is made with 100% pure, organic and natural ingredients, they contain the healing properties associated with each ingredient.  I have heard many, many testimonials where people have had problems clear right up after using their creations, so please share your stories with me! Finally, you will be amazed at how long our product works 🙂 and how few ingredients it contains!  


~The magic is in the mix, I created it with the love and passion of a mother trying to help her son and now he’s a young man!~


Our Earthy Essentials line which includes our Lotion and Body Cream are all made with quality ingredients, each of which provides it’s own healing properties.  We mix our lotions and creams in such a way that it melts into your body, never leaving a greasy residue behind and always giving you the moisture you need.  You will not need to apply as much or as often as you apply your other lotion.  You may find yourself sniffing your hand often or catch strangers enjoying the essence emanating from you, seriously it happens to me often.  Since your lotion is made to benefit your body, we use only natural preservatives and very little if it is required for a product, therefore to prolong the shelf life of your lotions and creams you may want to store unused portions in the refrigerator and replace after 6 months of non usage.

Soap/Shampoo/Dish Liquid/Cleanie Gel/Body Wash

Our Earthy Essentials line also includes Shampoo in addition to the body creams however we also carry a number of other soap based products all of which contain very little ingredients.  What that means to you is that they are extremely concentrated and do not require as much as you would normally use, so start out small until you find just the right amount for your needs.  

Lather, let’s talk about that for just a minute because there is a misconception that lots of lather and bubbles means “clean”, right?  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  Those pretty little “clean” bubbles we all long to see when we rub our hands together or when washing your hair, body or clothes are usually caused by something called and “SLS” Sodium Laurel Sulfate.  Let’s just say it’s really bad, causes various irritations depending on the person and what they are mixing it, i.e. perfume, lotion, body wash, shampoo etc, please research more on this.

While our soaps do produce a lather, a nice lather at that, they do not produce as much as you might expect, but you can definitely feel the squeaky clean feeling that is usually covered up by a waxy residue that is left behind by many other soap brands.

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