Today while gardening I decided to document a few of the tips and tricks I’ve used that yield more success over the other methods I’ve tried.  Feel free to comment and add your own findings, sharing is caring!

Plumeria cuttings – Using a minimum of 6 inches of cutting, make sure the cut is clean and not jagged.  Place in a clear plastic baggie with some soil.  Wet the soil a bit, not soggy, place the cut end of the plumeria inside the bag, leaves should not be covered.  Close the bag tightly with a string or tape and wait 2-4 weeks.  When you see a lot of roots it’s ready to be planted!

Patchouli cuttings – Using a minimum of 3 inch piece of green stemmed patchouli (new growth is green, old is brownish/grey), place cutting in a glass jar with some water.  Place in a dimly lit but warm area.  Change water out ever day or two and in 2-4 weeks you should see roots coming out.  When there are a number of roots visible it’s ready to be transplanted.

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