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You may not think of time management as a health related topic but trust me it is!  If you don’t have your time managed properly you may also be experiencing issues related to eating well.  If you’ve been out hectically running around all day, you probably haven’t taken the time to eat and if you did was what you ate healthy and nutritious or did you stop at a fast food place just to quite the growling sounds happening in your belly?  Now you see how time management can manifest health challenges.  In exactly the same way, with properly managed time you can have preplanned meals or snacks that allow you eat healthy on the go or in a short amount of time.

With that being said I hope you are able to take away a few tips that help you to improve your current situation because honestly, we can all use some help every now and then!


Here are the links and tools that were mentioned in the podcast.

Shopping List App Out of Milk (Android)   Out of Milk (IOS)

Mind MapSimple Mind (Android)  Simple Mind (IOS)


Decible – Facebook SoundCloudInstaGram


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