The handmade world is making a huge comeback as people begin to see and/or remember the quality, love, passion and strength that goes into producing handmade goods.  There are so many unique creations to be seen.  I can’t wait to share some of the goodness that the Handmade Collective has in store this year but starting off right away this month are two amazing opportunities.


Model Search Contest put on by Camara Meri Rajabari, the curator/designer of Tribal Destiny

Be The Next Tribal Destiny 2013 Model!

Enter To Win FOUR Pieces of Jewelry!

I am looking for the face of Tribal Destiny for 2013!
You could be the ONE!
Tribal Destiny is looking for a natural model to help us promote new and vintage jewelry designs! You don’t need to be a professional – in fact we would love it if you shine your own beautiful light!

For more details go to:




Free Recipe Guide created by Arminda, the owner/head co-creator of MyCoCreations

Due to the overwhelming request I receive for recipes for the edibles that I post on my facebook page, I decided to create a mini recipe guide with a few of the pictures I received a lot of likes and questions on and now I am sharing them with YOU!

Sign up here to receive a FREE MyCoCreations healthy recipe guide containing some of my tasty quick and easy recipes.


Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share, pin, blog and tweet about us…oh and if you haven’t already pop in and meet some of the members of the Handmade Collectives and our work via our look book

  1. camara's model search idea is such a great one!

    and yeah, i had in mind a few times to ask you for some recipes after going through your album. but i don't like to bug people, lol! i'm signed up now, though, so it's about to be on! thank you…

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