I am happy to present the First Annual MyCoCreations ShareAway.

I have a spirit of helping/sharing and I know it is difficult to put your trust in people/products/information these days. 
So I figured what a better way to share MyCoCreations than to the let the products speak for themselves. 
I am not a sales person.  I am simply a person who knows what she wants and I seek the knowledge in order to obtain what
I deem neccessary in my life, as I know the majority of you do as well.

1) If you have not already done so visit www.MyCoCreations.com and review the website and product offerings.

2) In order to be selected to receive a Free Sample, you will need to leave a comment on my blog post here http://mycocreations.com/blog/post/2011/03/17/Customer-FeedbackSuggestions.aspx (No registration necessary)

– If you have tried a MyCoCreation product, please leave feedback as to what you liked or didn’t like.
– If you have not tried a MyCoCreation product, please leave a comment/feedback as to what keeps you from creating your own product(s). 
– If you just want to make a general comment and/or suggestion.

3) The (10) winners will be randomly selected.  The 2011 ShareAway will be open and available to all from April 28th, 2011 – May 5, 2011.  Comments posted after May 5, 2011 will not be eligible for this ShareAway but may be eligible for future promotions.
A blogpost will be posted with the username of the selected winners on May 6, 2011.  A notification that the winners have been posted will be sent to Facebook and Twitter. 

4) The winners must send an email to cocreator@MyCoCreations.com and provide me with the preferred method of contact, either an email address or facebook/twitter name.

Will receive a sample size of the creation of your choice.  After you are notified you will have 1 week, to review the website, products
and ingredients, to provide me with your creation and ingredients.  If you need/want help in the process we can provide assitance through email/chat.  You may also elect to exchange your winnings for a gift certificate to be used at a later date or transferred to someone as a gift.

It is my hopes that the suggestions/comments/feedback that are left by the community will help me to provide products that are what they want and not just what has to be accepted.

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