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My love for shoes and crochet are a match made in heaven!  Yes that’s right, I created an amazing pattern and drafted my very own shoe complete with an all natural rubber outer sole.

These shoes are so comfortable as they allow your feet to breath and your toes to relax, almost like being barefoot, hence the name.  Design your own shoe by mixing and matching the colors to create your own!

Everything on this shoe is handmade (except some of the buttons); the hand stitched innersole (using cotton yarn), the handmade fabric labels (using unbleached cotton fabric), the laces (using cotton yarn) and the use of all natural rubber soling are combined to create the oh so comfortable and stylish SolBare crochet shoe (using cotton yarn).  I am extremely proud of this addition to the MyCoCreations BUnique product line and have received lots of great feedback from customers that have co-created a pair for themselves.

This shoe is unique in that it allows for many different ways to tie the laces and in order to show some of the ways to do so, I created the following video.

(sorry the video is not the best quality, my camera wasn’t acting right)

When ordering you can request a different color shoe lace than the shoe color and at some point in the near future I will add the option to purchase additional laces so that you can swap them out to match different outfits. 

For an extra special personal touch, you can personalize the shoe label using our Persona-label©, more info here.

Look forward to new color schemes as I am working on two toned variations and sport team themed color variations.

To order or view details visit us here.

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