Review: Camping Pad, Sleeping Mat, Napping Mat

If you’ve ever played the Sims video game then you’ll probably agree that this camping pad looks like the sleeping mat that the Sims use when they don’t have a bed to sleep on. 🙂

Today our #MyCoHealthReview is all about the #bestcampingpad, which can be found here We’ve added this product to our growing list of #MyCoHealthReview’s because it’s really cool and there are actually a few health benefits to using it.

Contents of package

  • 1 self-inflating sleeping pad
  • 1 velcro strap (used for storage only)
  • 1 carrying/storage bag
  • 1 patch kit

My Take Away

What I love about this camping pad it that it doesn’t take up much space, it’s lightweight, inflates without needing any tools or machines, as it is self-inflating. Please take a look at this video which shows how to use the camping pad and what to expect. This mat can be useful in more than one way, it can also be used as a crafting mat, napping mat for children or adults or lounging mat.  I like to lay on the floor and watch a movie but if you don’t have carpet, ouch. 🙂

So how it is healthy??

More times than not, our mattresses cause back, neck and shoulder pain because they are not supporting the right areas. After laying on the mat for a bit, your body starts to stretch and relax into the proper positions.   Are you aware that in Asian culture is known for sleeping on the floor?  The Japanese traditionally use something called Tatami beds, they were originally made with straw but you will see them made with wood and other natural materials now and days.  They add a thin mattress or padding to the top and that is where they rest their heads.  The reason is that it is better for the body’s alignment which in turn reduces pain and a myriad of other symptoms.

Both my husband and I tested this mat out and we both fit comfortably on the mat (not at the same time). My husband is about 5’11” and I’m 5’4″, his feet hung off just a bit but since it’s on the floor, it’s no biggie. The mat takes about 3-4 minutes to fully inflate and when it is fully inflated you can not feel the ground. It’s pretty easy to deflate and roll back up into the provided bag. The only thing I didn’t like was that after allowing the mat to inflate, you can hear little popping sounds like it’s still inflating. This may go away over time, it’s not that loud and if you’re using a pillow you wouldn’t even hear it.

All in all, I really like this self-inflating sleeping mat, we will likely purchase another so that we don’t have to use the huge inflatable mattress.

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