No secrets, No lies

Now and days products are not made to benefit the consumer.  Instead they are concocted to sit on the shelves, in warehouses and in your home for an unknown period of time.  Since these are the main thoughts that go into the creation process, the end result are products that have little to no benefit and are extremely overloaded with toxins, poisons and a lot of unknowns. 


Sadly, the expectation of the producer is to trick the consumer into purchasing and using their product by wrapping it in packaging that has been scored high on the physiologists’ list of colors, fonts and word groupings that are likely to catch the consumers attention.  In addition to that list is another list of concoctions that are suppose to smell like that of the REAL ingredient, such as fruit, vanilla, flowers and more.  


Combined, these are two factors that go into creating the very products that you are your family are to consume and use in your everyday life.  There is no regard for the fact that these laboratory created chemicals and genetically modified organisms will ultimately affect your health and modify your being at the cellular level.  Think about it.  If you consume or use something that is a pure chemical or was modified genetically, is that not going to alter your bodies natural composition?  Based on my research and the fact that most children’s bodies do not look like that use, I believe it is definitely changing the structure of our bodies internally and externally, wouldn’t you agree? 


It is my belief that your products should have no secrets and your advertising should not tell you any lies.  Take a few extra seconds to read your ingredient labels and surely don’t purchase a product that does not list any ingredients.  Since what you put in and on your body is directly related to health problems such as cancer, acne, rashes and eczema to name a few, you certainly want to make an informed decision about what you’re eating and using on your body, right?   


In order to be sure you are providing yourself with the best, please take a few minutes to read  your ingredients labels before you make a purchase and better yet select your own ingredients by creating a custom product at  Our products are made with you and your families health at the very top of our list.  Not only are we empowering you to create the best products for your loved ones but each and every ingredient you select is natural.  There are so many benefits to co-creating your products with MyCoCreations.  We only use ingredients that do not contain pesticides, are beneficial to your health and well being and everything is made per order so they have not be sitting on the shelf for an unknown time period.  The are as fresh as you can get it!  In addition to that everything we offer is guaranteed with  the following: 


No GMO (Genetically modified organisms) 

No hidden, covertly named or unnecessary ingredients 

No RFID (Radio frequency identification device) chips/tags





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