I’ve been mulling over the idea of creating my very own fabric lables for a while now but just haven’t made the time to do it. However, lately I’ve received a lot of orders for handmade fabric items, like my crochet baby hat/booties set, baby blanket and a cute little crochet/knit accessory wrap sack that I made.

This year I am redoing my website (stay tuned it’s almost ready) and upgrading my product lables, images and professional communications kit and thought, “I don’t want to just attach my old paper label to my new items” and so I created my fabric labels (seen below).

They add such a nice personal/handmade touch and they were fun to make.

Items you need

T-Shirt iron on paper (use the color specific to the fabric you will be attaching it to ie. Light for light fabric, Dark for Darker fabric)
Fabric glue
Image creating program like Photoshop or Word Processing software like Open Office or Microsoft Word


Create/Design your label in the program of your choice.  Print a test page on regular paper and make sure size, clarity, spelling are all correct.</span></span></li> <li>Now that you’ve verified everything your ready to print on the iron-on paper.

*Make sure you print using the mirror setting for your printer (this will print the image backwards so it will be correct once you iron it on the fabric
Iron your fabric to remove all wrinkles and allow to cool, Now you can either cut out a single iron on (if you have made a whole page of them which I would suggest) and apply it to your fabric. Make sure to align it properly so you can cut around it and leave enough room for attaching the label to your garment.

*You can also do the entire sheet at once (if you are doing it this way make sure that you leave enough room between your labels in your image/word processing software

Follow the directions for your iron on sheets and make sure to apply ample pressure/heat to the edges.

Once you are done removing the iron on paper (which should peel off very easily) you can now cut out your label(s).

Apply fabric glue to the edges and allow to dry (this will prevent the edges from fraying)

Now your labels are ready to sew onto your item!&nbsp; Use any stich you prefer to decorate and attach your handmade fabric label.

**Note you may want to try one and wash it if you will be applying these to a washable fabric as all ink/printers are not equal some may bleed and you don’t want to ruin your garment or label.

Happy Creating! I know I enjoyed the entire process. If you have questions/comments/feedback please take a moment to share.

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