This healthy and delicious snack will have you saying WHAT!! Trust me 🙂
I don’t measure when I’m creating so forgive the lack of exact measurements but it’s so easy you’ll figure out the perfect balance for you.

Coconut ChaChaChaChia Pudding

Organic ChaChaCha Chia Pudding



About 4-5oz organic coconut milk (unsweetened)
About a 2 tsp organic Chia seeds
About a tablespoon organic Grade B Maple syrup
A dash of organic cinnamon powder
A pinch of himalayan sea salt


Add all the ingredients together, stir well and refrigerate for about 4 hours ( you want the chia seeds to absorb the coconut milk and swell ).

Anytime after approximately 4 hours, remove from the fridge and INJOY!

If you are new to chia seeds and want to learn, start here

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