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Step 1. Measure out ingredients

~ 1 cup of flour makes two (2) (3-4 inch round MyCo-Flatbreads)
~ About 1tsp – 1.5tsp of each seasoning per 1 cup of flour (if using more than 5 herbs/spices decrease to 1/2 – 1 tsp each.
~ Pre-chop up all toppings, including veggies, cheese, meat, etc.  Great usage of leftovers!

*Hint taste your seasoned flour to make sure if tastes good now.  If too much flavor add a little more flour to balance it, or add more seasoning to achieve the flavor(s) you want.

Step 2. Mix the ingredients

 ~ Add flour

~ Add your seasoning. For the mix I added about 1tsp of the following: 

Himalayan sea salt
Garlic powder 

~ About 1oz of water per cup of flour

~ 1 tbs of oil (I used sunflower, olive or coconut oil) 

This is where you can get really creative!  To make a breakfast one, add cinnamon, coconut oil, fruit etc. 

~ Put a pan on the stove, medium heat

Step 3. Knead your dough 

~ Knead* your dough for about 2 minutes, roll into a ball and let rest for about 2-5 minutes

*To knead dough, sprinkle some flour on a dry surface (like counter top) sprinkle a little flour on your hands (to prevent dough from sticking) and push dough downwards with the heel of your hands, pull towards you (sort of like flipping it over).  This is hard to explain so if you need more info please look on YouTube for “kneading dough”

Step 4. Split dough 

~ Take dough and split into 2 equal parts (2 parts per 1 cup of flour)

~ Take each piece of dough (2 pieces if you used 1 cup of flour) and using your hands, flatten into a 3-4 inch circle

Step 5 & 6. Cook time 

~ Take of one the flattened pieces of dough and place onto hot pan, immediately push down starting from the center outwards

~  Turn over and repeat, push down starting from the center outwards

Step 7. Dress your bread up 

~ After about 5 minutes of cooking flip your bread over, it should be lightly browned in several spots and the color should no longer be translucent but more of a white (or another color depending on your herb/spice selection).

~ If using cheese, add now, just sprinkle on top shredded or sliced cheese.

~ Remove from the pan (make sure the other side is lightly browned and no longer translucent).

~ This is where the fun begins!  Pile on your pre-chopped veggies/meats/fruit etc. 

Step 8. ENJOY!!!! & have fun being creative

In this recipe I used the following herbs in the dough:
Himalayan sea salt
Garlic powder


Cheddar cheese
red onions
Kalamata onions
Lettuce (Purple/Green)


Mini pizza’s
Caramelized onions and chicken
Curry beans, scallions and kale
Garlic massaged kale salad mix
Curried sweet potatoes, scallions

Put some jam on top for breakfast
Put some fresh fruit on top (excellent with fresh pineapple and dragon fruit)
Add some cinnamon and sugar to the dough and make a icing for the top (cinnamon bun flatbread)

And finally try stuffing them

and get your whole

family involved:)

{ Please share your creations with me! } 












NOTE: All ingredients used are organic which I believe to contain the most vitamins and nutrients. The amount of vitamins you receive from your meals is based on your ingredient selection.

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