When I think of a community I think of trees, to me they are one in the same.

The representation of a forest is a community of trees.File:Forest Osaka Japan.jpg
Each tree helps the other.

When many trees grow together, a forest is formed.
A single tree cleanses some of the air, while a forest of trees cleanses so much more.

A tree represents strength as it sinks its roots into the earth to maintain stability and receive sustenance while it reaches up into the sky to absorb the sunlight. Yet if it reaches too far, too fast it may grow tall and lanky.

By being surrounded with other trees they share their shade which enables them to grow a little slower yet wider and stronger.

Just remember, all though these benefits of this community are great, a forest of trees is also sharing the same earth and sun from which they obtain their nutrients. If one tree takes more than the others at least one of the other trees in the forest will be left malnourished and will be unable to grow, expand and reproduce like the others.


In a community of people. Each person helps each other.

When people work and grow together a community is formed.

An independent person can do amazing things, while a community of independent people working together can do so much more.

An independent person represents strength and as they express their individuality and thirst for knowledge in the areas they choose, they can grow into strong and intelligent people.

Yet if this person tries to do everything themselves they will overextend themselves and may not be able to reach their goal(s) or full potential and may stunt their growth.

By being surrounded by other people in the community it helps the independent person stay grounded and enables them to receive help from others which makes reaching their goal(s) that much easier.

Remember that although you need to maintain your individuality in all that you do, you can not do everything and by attempting to do so you may hinder others by not allowing them to share their gifts with you.

By being part of a community you help each other to reach individual goals while manifesting something greater as a whole.

Author: Arminda of MyCoCreations

As always thanks for taking the time to read the words I share with you!

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