Mica is a natural substance that has been used for many years by many people such as Indians, Egyptians, Chinese and Greeks to name a few.  Mica has been used in ceramics, paintings, natural makeup, pottery and many artistic creations.

I was in search of a replacement for store bought makeup.  Powdered Mica is 100% natural makeup and is used in many colors in makeup that is on the market today however most makeup is hazardous to our health and or made from animal and synthetic byproducts. 

After alot of research I realized that mica is the most natural way to compliment our beauty not to mention that I could make my own unique colors by blending different mica variations and so I bring to you the first product in the MyCoCreations 100% Natural makeup product line – Complexion Complimenters. 

Use these Complexion Complimenters to compliment your natural beauty instead of covering it up.  Why hide the real you??? Your beautiful!  Don’t allow the t.v. and media tell you otherwise.



  1. Made without any fillers so a little powdered Mica goes a long way.  Save your money on the more important things like your food. Money mouth
  2. Create your own unique shades, don’t settle for what your given because you have the power to create what you want.
  3. Dip your brush in water and then in the mica and create liquid liner
  4. Express your creativity and create washable tattoos – GREAT FOR CHILDREN.  Allow your children to express their inner artist.
  5. Vegan makeup alternative.  Never tested on animals.

Not sure of what colors you want?  Try a few samples, for only $1.00 a piece you can buy a few and experiment with creating your own colors at home or send me a picture or link to a website that has the color you are trying to achieve and I will create it for you.

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