Who says that candy can not be good for you?  Here at MyCoCreations, we aim to show you that eating good doesn’t mean you can’t have “the good stuff”!

This Herbal candy contains only 3 ingredients, all of which are good for you and here’s why.

1) Triple Filtered Water – Your body contains a high percentage of water and is required to maintain all of your bodily functions in a proper manner.  This water is very pure due to the carbon filtration process.

2) Turbinado Sugar – This sugar is extracted from the sugar cane and since there is very little processing involved, unlike white sugar which has been stripped of it’s molasses, this sugar contains vitamins and minerals due to the molasses that is retained.

3) Herbs – All of the herbs used in this candy creation are 100% Organic.  I obtain the herbs fresh and dehydrate them in order to maintain the vitamins/minerals and medicinal properties they are know for.

How much better does it get?? Your sweet tooth is satisfied at the same time you are providing your body with vitamins/minerals/medicine.   

What other candy on the market do you know of that can say the same?Laughing

You won’t feel bad giving your children this candy and from the feedback I’ve gotten it’s great for pregnant women (peppermint settles naseau).

The herbs in this blend are (Organic Basil, Organic Cilantro, Organic Peppermint & Organic Rosemary) however I have also created Organic Ginger, Chocolate Mint, Parsley.

Look forward to 100% Organic Fruit Candy coming soon!

Click here http://mycocreations.com/Order.aspx?view=vw&pid=88 to try some today!


*TIP – Add a few pebbles to a glass of water and create your own flavored water anywhere/anytime.  Just carry your pebbles with you and pop some in your glass the next time your at a restaurant or relaxing at home.  No need to add sugar since it is already in the Herbal Pebbles!

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