Are you allergic to your deodorant or is your body trying to tell you something?

Since I’ve been sharing my cream based deodorant I’ve received a number of questions regarding allergic reactions to the ingredients in the store brand deodorants like, Secret and even those claiming to be natural like Tom’s of Maine.  I’ve even had a few people say point blank to me, “I am allergic to sodium bicarbonate, does you product contain that?”  The answer to that question is Yes, and then I go on to ask and make sure that they are aware that sodium bicarbonate is the scientific name for what we know as baking soda.

My goal is inform and spread the truth about ingredients used in the products we use, so I go on to explain that unfortunately most deodorant that contains baking soda, contains aluminum.  Now I don’t personally believe that anyone is allergic to baking soda itself, it is a naturally occurring mineral and is a salt, hence the sodium in sodium bicarbonate.  Salt is needed by the body however just like anything if your body is receiving more than it needs you may have what is considered to be an “allergic reaction”.  I do have to stop here for just a second and make sure to state that the aluminum is what causes issues internally.
The aluminum in deodorants and antiperspirants are clogging up your pores, so that it appears that you are sweating less (or releasing the toxins from your body) however what is really occurring is you are blocking the toxins from being released and therefore are causing toxic buildup in your body.

Your lympnodes start to swell, around your breasts and underarms you have many lymph nodes that are there to assist your body in cleansing and maintaining a healthy immune system. So if your appear to have a rash under arms or your under arms are swelling, itching, peeling, turning black, turning red, or any other abnormal signs this is your body’s way of telling you that it is trying to rid itself of something harmful. The skin under you arm should be the same color as the part of your body that do not receive much sun light.

An example of a Rash/Reaction
underarm_rash2 underarm_rash

Rest assured that a properly created deodorant, will NOT normally cause these issues. Also keep in mind that although every being is different in what we eat and how we live our lives, if you are just starting your journey of releasing yourself from the using unnatural deodorants your body may need some time to adjust.  Please remember that when you stop using store brand deodorant you will *APPEAR* to be sweating more for a little while, please know that this is your body releasing all the toxins that have been blocked up for years so it yourself at least 1 week to adjust to a natural deodorant however it is likely you won’t have to wait that long.  And remember a good deodorant is healing, point blank!

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If you have any questions, concerns or want more information please feel free to contact me
Thank you for reading!
~Arminda – Head co-creator
  1. My husband and I have been using myco deodorant for about 6 months now and yes – we do sweat a bit – but it's fine – it needs to happen! The deodorant fights the odor. My husband wears a t-shirt under his shirt anyway and I use the powdered deodorant (mostly baking soda)to avoid wetness. It's just a part of living clean so do it for your health! Realize we were taught wrong and it's time to push back against poisoning ourselves – here's a great start! 🙂

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