Throughout our day we go through high and low energy waves.  Eating a healthy diet, be it vegetarian, vegan, raw or just incorporating lots of fruits and veggies can be time consuming, yet there are a lot of quick and easy meals/snacks that we can eat to help us maintain our energy levels while going about our day.

The easiest snack is to have a variety of dried fruits, nuts or granola near by and snack on those when you start to feel your belly grumbling. 🙂 While the most favorable meal/meal substitute would be the smoothie.  Smoothies can be created with just about anything.  If you want to incorporate dried fruits or nuts into your smoothie it would be best to soak them in water overnight in order to all them to absorb water thereby making the blending process easier and avoid chunks settling to the bottom of you glass.

I am always interested in trying new things and helping others that may be sick of the same old recipes they use. Please share some of your favorite healthy snack/meal ideas.

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