I’ve been shifting away from eating meat in order to provide my body with the best that I can but it has been difficult in doing so.  Well the difficulty is not so much with me as I have never really been a big fan of meat but more so with the males in my family.  I find it hard to make meals that are both filling to them when I do not incorporate meat.

During this so called transistion time I have opted to make a “meaty” meal every other day while expeirmenting with a variety of meatless dinners.  Although the internet and library provide a wide variety of books and info on this subject I am still finiding it difficult to “fill the bellies”.

I would be greatly appreciative of any ideas/recipes that you would share with me and my family to help aid us in this transistion.

* I have included bread in many of the meatless meals to help however anyone that makes bread from scratch knows that this process takes time and is difficult to do everyday ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for sharing any and all suggestions!

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