I am a proud member of the Handmade Collective, a group of artisans that have come together to support and assist each other as small business owners.  For the months of November and a few in December, we offered demos as a way of sharing our knowledge with the community.  My demo was on how to create your own all natural first aid kit to keep on hand, whether in your car, in your home, to take on outdoor excursions or to give as a gift.


If you were unable to attend this live demo, no worries as it was recorded.  In addition to the recorded live event I also pre-recorded a version that contains a bit more information.  That too can be accessed via the link below.  Finally I am providing you with a .pdf version of the document I used as a guideline so that you can keep a copy in your first aid kit as a reference guide.


Thank you for taking the time to watch this informational share and I hope that it benefits you and your loved ones.


DIY First Aid Kit document

Video on YouTube 

Recording of Live Demo









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