I made a decision almost 10 yrs ago to start eating smart by reviewing the ingredient labels on everything I eat, researching the ingredients I didn’t know about and finding healthier ways to eat some of my favorites .  About 2 years ago I decided to take my journey to a new level whereby I would purchase handmade goods from others in an effort to help shift the power that corporations hold.  In my eyes, the reason corporations have such power and control is because we give it to them by purchasing their products and not questioning their motives, morals or techniques regarding the process by which they produce the products they sell.

We can make a difference and I have begun doing so by supporting those in my networks, local and social.  When I have a desire or need that needs to be met, my first stop is the list of creatives I am happy to be associated with.  I belong to a wonderful group, so aptly named The Handmade Collective, which consists of a wide range of artisans which include seamstresses, designers (clothing, web, print and other platforms), doll makers, jewelry makers, artists (painters, sculptures, drafters, etc), fiber artist (crochet and knit), home and body products and so much more!  I can’t tell you how many lovely and amazing creations I see on a daily basis, there really isn’t any reason for me to go outside of my network to obtain the items that I want but what make is more amazing is that I have the ability to customize/personalize my products.  The craftsmanship and love that go into each piece is clearly visible and that is the energy I want in my home!  That is the energy I want to gift to my friend and family for their birthdays, holidays or just to say I love you and am thinking of you.  It is my goal to fill my home with all things handmade.  I proudly wear and display these treasures and plan to fill my home with all things handmade as it makes me so happy to support these lovely artisans and you should do the same.

Here are just a few of the great handmade works that I have acquired thus far.  Look forward to more examples of the goodness that is available to you!



*****HarvestGirlLove Creations*****



(Harvest multi-wear pack, there’s a pocket on the inside)

(Orisha Divine Tunic)

(Harvest girl Dashiki pants)

(Custom dress)


****JahFya Royalworks Creations****


(Layered Chiffon Black & White Kaftan)



(Velvet Empress Skirt Sweat Suit)

(Tribal Afrocentric Leggings)


Look forward to my next post I will be sharing handmade accessories but in the meantime check out these ladies and the entire group by using the links provided.


  1. Nice! Handmade, organic, that is the way we are flowin! I never saw your sweat suit- I like it! Thanks for uplifting the handmade, Sis.

  2. enjoyable read. thanks for sharing! beautiful creations, and you look great in the all! these creations are certainly set apart from the mass produced rest.

  3. Thank you flyTie ๐Ÿ™‚ I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment.

    Thank you Fya Queen, I appreciate your work and am happen to feature and show it off when I can.

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