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In episode 7, I am sharing information about why putting labels on the way you eat could be dangerous and result in overeating.

First and foremost I want to continue giving thanks to the teachings of Dr. Sebi.  The truths he’s shared with us about nature, plants, herbs, and life have given us more than enough.  It is up to each of us that hold plants/herbs in high regards, to continue paving the path that he cleared.

While I did not follow his teachings 100% I will never forget what he shared with us all.  As I travel down my path, I continue adding things that serve my body well and remove things that do not. I have made it my life’s work to share the health benefits that nature provides and to help each person to find what is best for them to live a healthy, happy life.

With that being said I hope you are able to take away a few tips that help you to improve your current situation because honestly, we can all use some help every now and then!


In this podcast I talk a little bit about the following:

  • Dr. Sebi’s passing and what it means to me
  • Labels, what are they good for?
    • Labels are a way to identify something
    • Labels are great when they are on your food products
    • Labels are not so good when they define who you are and what you eat
      • Labeling the way we eat can cause stress and over-eating
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