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In episode 8, I am sharing information about how to go back to the health basics and build a strong foundation.

I missed you all last week; I took a week off to get acclimated to my new schedule and now I’m back in action!  There seems to be a surge in the number of people who want to “get healthy” however it is unfortunate because many of these people are looking for a shortcut or a quick fix, and they want to know the “secret” to being healthy, losing weight and having more energy.  In this week’s Growing Closer to Nature podcast, I share my thoughts on how to achieve health and keep it by building a strong foundation which I believe is the “secret”.

With that being said I hope you are able to take away a few tips that help you to improve your current situation because honestly, we can all use some help every now and then!


In this podcast I talk a little bit about the following:

  • Everyone wants shortcuts and to know “the secret”, so what are they?
  • Building blocks
    • Start where you are
    • State your main goal.  What does optimal health mean to you?
    • Break your main goal down into smaller goals.
    • What motivates you, we are not all motivated by the same things.
  • What is the reason one person is able to accomplish their goals in what seems to be easy, while others struggle to reach their goals?
    • Perspective
    • Mindset/Attitude
    • Effort/Actual work
    • The ability to self-motivate and or reach out when you need motivation
    • Be real, stop hiding, no one is perfect and though people may judge know that the only judgment that truly matters at the end of the day is that of your higher self.


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