Tools for Self Massage

Years ago when I was attending college, I was walking across campus with my backpack on, I took a deep breath and my back popped really loud.  I was afraid to take the next step, for fear that something was out of place and I might experience pain or make it worse.  After what seemed like an eternity, I figured I couldn’t just stand there so I took my next step and exactly what I was worried about happened.  I felt a sharp pain shoot through me.  Making this long story short, I had to go to the chiropractor once a week for a few months and then once a month for a few more.  My back was out of alignment due to the weight of the books I was carrying around on my back.

Ever since that experience, I have been a HUGE fan (ok addicted) of massage.  I have tried several forms of massage such as rolfing (deep tissue), relaxation, and myofascial massage (fascia or connective tissue).  Since massage is expensive and I didn’t feel right asking for a massage as often as I wanted one, I started buying massage tools left and right trying to keep the tension in check!

Of all the machines, massage tools, and techniques my man and I have tried, there are a few that are hands down the best! These tools are widely used in physical therapy in order to help release muscle tension by targeting trigger points, as well as to aid in rolling out the tense fascia (connective tissue). Using these tools not only releases the muscle tension but also gives you a wider range of motion, allowing you to move about more freely.

NOTE: While these tools are effective for self-massage they can also be used with a partner.

Helps To:

+ Improve your posture

+ Relieve pain associated with your sciatica, strain due to computer usage,

+ Relieve neck, shoulder, and arm strain caused by computer usage,


Myofascial foam roller.  I purchased this one on Amazon.
Perfect for releasing fascia, back, and thighs.


Lacrosse balls.  I purchase this one on Amazon as well.
Perfect for pinpointing trigger points, neck, face and feet.

 Crystals wand (polished quartz or obsidian are best) – I buy mine from local rock/gem stores but you can purchase here.
Perfect for pinpointing trigger points, neck, arms and face.

If you aren’t able to purchase one of these tools at this time no worries, there are lots of things laying around the house you can use in the meantime!

  • Paint brush (rounded end) in place of massage wand.
  • Tennis balls in place of lacrosse balls




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