How do those clothes feel on your body?  How about the sheets that you sleep on or the towel that you dry your body with?  The likelihood that you are using cotton at some point in your day is extremely high but the sad part is most aren’t even aware that this amazing plant, is so widely used.

Cotton is reminiscent of a time in history when Africans were enslaved.  For this reason, when I tell people I am growing cotton, some, if they don’t look at me funny they ask “why would you want to pick cotton”?  My answer, “why would I not want to”?  Though that time in history is not filled with pleasant memories for those enslaved, as well know, there are days/moments in time where no matter what you are going through, you can find joy.  Not to get too heavy or off topic but quite honestly I believe we are still being enslaved at this point in history, more so mentally than physically yet it is still happening and you still have a few good days/moments right?  I mean the proof of this happy times are plastered on every social network.  I think you innerstand what I mean now when I say, slaves had “good days/moments” and I REALLY feel when they were together in the fields singing and yes picking cotton, they may have experienced a few of them.

I’m a nature girl and so no matter WHAT is going on in my life, touching and connecting with nature calms me and the sun’s warmth, feels like a warm hug.

On to the reasons for this post. 😉

  1. I grow cotton so that I can have my own fiber that does not come from an animal.
  2. I am a creator by nature and so it wouldn’t be right to grow cotton, just to grow it, I must create something.
  3. Spinning yarn is a type of meditation for me, it is calming and requires your undivided attention.
  4. I hope to make others aware of traditions that are being lost,  inspire others and be a resource should you need one.
  5. I hope to reconnect with nature and for at least a second, know what it was like for those who came before us.

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