It’s almost that time of year (depending on where you are in the world) where you can let your toes free!  Wiggle your toes around freely in these
comfortable, handcrafted crochet shoes.  Our shoes are eco-friendly and are made with 100% cotton yarn and natural rubber.  Want to know about the history of our shoes just keep reading.

The first style, created in 2012 is the Original SolBare Crochet shoe in one color, Although they were very comfortable they did not have padding in the
inner sole and the outer soles were made out of flexible plastic.

The second style, created a year later, the Duo Toned SolBare Crochet shoe became available in 2 colors.  The inner soles are padded
and the outer soles are made from 100% natural rubber.  If you order a pair of SolBare crochet shoes today, whether they are one color or many they will be made in this fashion.

In between styles I created a slipper version, where there is a padded inner sole but no outer sole, the limited edition “Rootz” SolBare Crochet shoe style and
SolBare Petites’, for small feet.



The third style is called the Ushu (you shoe) SolBare Crochet shoe, same great shoe/slipper, new idea!  Now instead of being restricted to just 2 colors you can pick up to 5! Select your color scheme to match your theme, represent  your country, your team, your family colors, your favorite colors. The possibilities are endless!


I’ve been working on a new version that will have a totally different look and I am so excited but I can only work on them as time permits and lately, I’ve been filling a lot of orders.  So until I can give you a sneak peak go ahead and create one of the other lovely styles available today.

Feel free to see our other shoes/slippers and feet adornments here
and watch our video on some of the different ways that you can tie your SolBare Crochet shoes.

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