I’ve NEVER been a milk drinker, just didn’t like it UNLESS I was eating something really sweet that need to be cut (I like sweet but not overly sweet) anyway as I got older I learned that the milk we are sold is mucus filled, disease ridden and just unhealthy.  I also believed that I had become lactose intolerant based on “what I was told”.  I don’t like not understanding things and I believe I can only REALLY understand it when I research/test/try it myself and so it began.

I’ve been researching milk, Oh I didn’t mention this but nothing else considered a milk product would make me sick except milk and ice cream which is mostly milk and cream, vitamins or lack thereof and what I found caused me to dig deeper and test what I’ve been reading/hearing.

Recently I purchased some raw milk, of course it’s not for human consumption (if you don’t understand this please research it).  Wow what difference in texture and flavor based on my research it is the pasteurization and homogenisation processes that create the lactose intolerance and many other issues.  They also strip out the vitamins that would be beneficial in creating strong bones, healthy teeth, gums and nails.  Is it a wonder that “Milk will do a body good campaign” was pushed so hard and why is it that so many people have teeth problems, especially those that do not consume a lot of milk or milk based products.  Vegetables definitely contain the vitamins and some in higher amounts that milk but the amount of veggies required to get enough vitamins through out the day is not likely to occur and so most of us are lacking vitamins.

Now some may say milk causes mucus and it’s bad for you.  I agree that it causes mucus and I agree it can be bad for you, just like most things.  If you consume too much of it, it will throw you body out of balance which will  result in different issues based on the person.  

I believe in having an open mind, testing against my own body because I can not take anyone’s word as 100% truth for my being, what they are sharing is 100% true for their being and we are all different.

After drinking the raw milk, making some delicious ice cream, organic cardamom, chocolate chip (recipe will be posted soon) I noticed that I do not have the same reactions that I do when drinking organic milk that is hormone free, pasteurized and homogenized.

So my conclusion is that milk can do a body good IF it’s raw cows milk and if you don’t drink it that often.  I still don’t LIKE milk but I am more knowledgeable about why my body reacts to processed foods/drink. AND I AM NOT LACTOSE INTOLERANT I AM INTOLERANT OF THE CHEMICAL PROCESSES THAT TAKES PLACE IN THE MILK DURING HOMOGENIZATION AND PASTEURIZATION. <3

~MyCoCreations~ Think for yourself, We are not boxes and don’t belong in one.

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