The Inspiration for MyCoCreations

MyCoCreations was created before I even had a name to describe it or a website to display my creations on.  For as far back as I can recall, I’ve always created things.  Some things were inedible, like mud pies topped with what looked like berries.  While I was able to wear some of my other creations, like little hand sewn dress, tank tops and ponytail holders.  During the holidays my paper, scissors, glue, glitter and markers got a workout! Laughing I use to write mini books and loved to color.  As I grew older I started making my own lotions, soaps, lip balm, laundry detergent and so much more.

Fast forward 20 something years and MyCoCreations blossomed.  Now I offer 100% natural and organic products that contain only, non GMO ingredients.  I’d like to share with you all where the name MyCoCreations came from.  Since I provide a unique buying experience where I allow you to take part in the process of creating your products, simply by allowing you to select the ingredients you want them to contain; I was reminded that this is a process where we are co-creating.  Working together toward an outcome that you will not only be pleased with because it has exactly what you want in it and no more but also because the product will work well with your body type and/or preferences.  That is where the “My” portion of my name came from.  You can proudly say that you played an important role in each product that you receive.  And that is how MyCoCreations became the name I proudly align myself with today.

I see so many companies out there that label their products with an “All Natural” or “Organic” name or description, however when you read the ingredient list you see ingredients listed that are not considered natural or organic.  I for one, do not trust a name or description that does not live up to the ingredients listed.  MyCoCreations is a company that you can trust because we put you first.  

Not only does my family inspire me to produce products that are healthy and safe to be used by any member of the family, my customers do as well. Helping you maintain your health and happiness is an inspiration and encourages me to share my ideas and continue finding the best way to use natural ingredients in every product that is used in our homes.

These beautiful comments that I have received from customers are so encouraging and I am thankful for each and every one of them.


I loved this

My family and i loved the dried mango slices they tasted better than the sulphered store bought ones by far! Omar Allen

Love Loc Jam

love our new Loc Jam. Wasn’t happy with the Loc Gels from stores as they create build up and flakes. So we are happy to know that MyCoCreations has a wonderfully created Jam. Locs are smooth neat and moisturized. Give thanks!

Wonderful …

This soap is awesome my main purpose when purchasing this was (1) to test it out lol and (2)to clear up blemishes on my oldest son’s face and so far so great! It’s been about 2 weeks and the darkness of the blemishes began to open up fade and doesn’t irritate or burn his skin which is great! I started to use on my own face lol .. I definitely will be purchasing this again 🙂

Absolute Favorite!

I love this concept! You get create your own unique scent that no one else has 🙂 It’s activated by warmth which is great for massages and you can use it on your hair .. Best of all NO CHEMICALS .. I’m contemplating right now on the next order 🙂

light and fresh

I spray the mist all over my body. It is a mood enhancer too. So light and refreshing. The peppermint is very present but not overpowering. Keeps me feeling clean and peaceful actually. ambrosia

Made my hair soft

This shampoo made my hair so soft and defined my little curls. Not heavy and I didn’t use that much but I got a rich lather going pretty quickly. My hair felt squeaky clean afterwards. Like it had washed off lots of residue that was on there before. Smells delicious too. ambrosia

The Black Soap Body Wash is amazing!

It’s not too harsh and natural! I like the fact that it’s very reasonably priced and will buy again. Thx for Creation Purify Self

Love the Mist

I enjoy the mist so much you can tell that the ingredients are top quality. Its such pleasure to use such quality products. I am a returning customer and I am very happy with all the products.Will be back for more. Thank you! Syl W.


I never used a mist before just deodorant – but this aromatherapy mist is wonderful. It is light fragrant but not overwhelming. I spray it all over including my locs. I LUV IT!

The Perfect Moisturizer!

For a while I have been looking for a lotion that was a bit thicker creamer but to heavy- this body cream is just right! It absorb quickly into the skin without any greasy feel yet the skin soft and looks moisturized. Great product! Camara

Wonderful Scent!

I love to wear oils and this scented oil is wonderful! Camara


I’ve always been disappointed with natural deodorants I’ve bought at stores. So I was a bit hesitant to try a very basic ingredients version. However I’ve been very happy with the powdered deo and use it most days. For a more active day I might use the cream deo with or without the powder. Yeah! Natural deo that works! Cheryl W.

Smooth Bronze Lip Gloss

Great product beautiful color I absolutely love this lip gloss

Eye Shimmer

Oh my goodness these eye shimmer is a must-have. I chose great colors that complimented my complexion must recommend to my friends!! wonderful natural product.

Love this moisturizer!

I love this body cream! It’s not too heavy or greasy and of course smells wonderful! Andra

I used the Veggie Power Powder in the cooking

I used the Veggie Power Powder in the cooking water as seasoning for my grains. It was also added to my beans and stews when desiring to add a certain veggie but not wanting to cut one up. The organic tomato and green pepper worked well for my cooking needs. It is what I would consider a convenience food item that is also healthy. Thank you for creating this product. It is appreciated. Janine

Beautiful handmade crochet baby items

Just received my beautiful handmade crochet baby items and they are just lovely!!! Thank you so much for the love and care put into creating these for my family!!!

My custom blend

I told her my favorite colors and she mixes each gloss up by hand and custom blend my colors…fresh! I just had to show her what I wanted from pictures off the internet. Then she gave me a choice of what flavors I wanted. I hadn’t thought of that. The gloss is light with a subtle coloring and shine. I NEVER wear make-up so it’s so perfect for me…just natural.


The Choco-slivers are delicious! They are made from real banana and chocolate The prices were crazy! Talk about a satisfied customer. I don’t often call organic food decadent but this one is. It’s what Peppermint Patties WISH they tasted like not the fake stuff they use in now-and-laters. I been in them already and the package just got here lol. All organic.

For the last year I’ve been looking to

completely replace all my personal care products with those containing truly all natural ingredients. With so many companies out there claiming to be “natural” I was delighted to be introduced to MycoCreations! Her glosses are smooth and lightweight! Best of all I can kiss my little girl without worry of bumbs popping up all over her face! Pamala

MyCoCreations Clean & Clear Soap!

MycoCreations it’s a winner! It gives a good lather gets me clean without having to reapply it a lot and leaves my skin with a good clean feel. I used it all over. ~TomokasTwists
 I workout a lot which means I sweat beyond the norm. The store bought deod did not do the job so I requested a Myco deo to see if could help eliminate some odor. I have been using it for a couple weeks now and I am very satisfied.
Thank you so much for the beautiful handmade crochet baby blanket, booties and hats!!! My family just loved them!!! Thank you for the love and care put into these creations!!! 😀
Love my labels!
Can’t get over that fact that I LOVE YOUR SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER !!!!! no for real sis , love the scent ….i’ll be baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack !
Its now cold enough for me to wear my MycoCreations OrganicCreations ballerina inspired slippers, so comfy! Feeling like a delicate ballerina in them ♥

I look forward to being able to co-create with you in the future!

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