The other day a feeling overcame me; one that occurs very rarily in my life.  The feeling to do nothing!  Due to my creative nature, when I am overcome by this feeling it’s a bit bewildering and a little scary.  Over the years I’ve asked myself, “How it is that I can not think of a single thing that I really want to do” or even better “Why?”.

Through asking questions, listening and receiving I have learned that when this happens, it is my body’s way of communicating that it needs more rest that I have been giving it.  In order for my creativity to flow, I need to not only be mindful of the foods I am eating, the people I surround myself with, the things that I watch/read/listen to but I also need to REST!  There a few things that I have found that help me tremendously during this process.  I need to balance my positivity, replenish my creativity and restore my energy.

In order to balance my positivity, I garden.  Not only do I reap the benefits when my plants produce but I am reconnecting with the oneness that is when I put my hands in the earth.  When I watch the butterflies, bees and other insects take part in the process.  In this process I am reclaiming my positive vibes as I ponder how one tiny little seed can produce such an abundance of goodness, but it needs time, rest, food and light…just as I do.

In order to replenish my creativity, I chat with like minds and peruse the internet and books.  I open my mind to all the possibilities that are.  I share my knowledge and offer help to anyone that needs it.  By doing these few things, I again replenish any stifled creativity and am able to bring forth many new ideas to be shared via and this very blog.

In order to restore my energy, I listen to energizing music.  On my Ipod I have a playlist of songs that are “My goto songs”, those that help to promote energy within my being.  I just sit in a quiet place with my headphones on and I may listen to this playlist 2 or 3 times in a row because of the energy the songs resurrect in me.  A few of the songs I have in that playlist are as follows:
Closer by Goapele / I Love My Life by Black Staxx / So Far So Good by JDilla / Being of Love by Beautiful Chorus / Remind my Soul by Akrobatik

After going through these few things I feel so rejuvenated, healthy and ready to start creating again Laughing.  Ready to create more customizable natural products.  Ready to crochet and knit new creations.  Ready to write, draw and so much more!

I hope that this post helps you to customize a program that promotes your health.  Listen to your body and Innerstand what it’s telling you.  You only have one body, you might as well learn how to understand it and treat it properly so that it can treat you properly.  B Healthy!

~Arminda of


  1. very relevant advice! just today i was working on a project and trying to fight/work through a strong urge to rest. i took 2-3 breaks to just to get on the couch and do nothing. went back to working after each break until i eventually just gave in to the tiredness and put everything on hold for another time.

    gotta heed those signs.

  2. Yes @flyTie I know exactly what you mean but we must listen to the signs, if we keep pushing through and don't listen it can get to a point of slow or no return 🙁

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