How many stores can you walk into and say I want my lotion to smell like {fill in the blank} and contain only {fill in the blank} ingredients because I am allergic and/or don’t like the way it feels on my body.  What about, I want my {fill in the blank} made fresh and with only {fill in the blank} ingredients, I don’t want what has been sitting on the shelves and has been trucked in from who knows where.

It sounds like a dream right?  Most of the products you purchase, even those that are natural and organic are made way before the time you walk into the store to purchase it.  Think about how many days it has been since the product was made until you buy it and bring it home.  You are not buying the freshest products, unless you are buying them from local growers, bakery, artisans etc. 

MyCoCreations gives you the ability to not only take part in the creation process, by allow you to select the ingredients you want your products to contain, but we also make every order upon receipt of purchase.  That means that there is nothing pre-made and sitting on the shelves waiting for someone to buy it.  This is how we can offer you such an affordable price for quality ingredients as well as ensure that you are receiving the health benefits from the ingredients that you selected.

With all of that said, we found a way to make our process a little sweeter, so to speak.  We are now offering a special feature whereby you can personalize your label.  When you add your MyCoCreations Persona-label© text you will receive an extra special creation in the mail.  A personalized product, with the ingredients that you selected and with the name that you choose for it.  You couldn’t ask for much more than that, right?


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