Companies that care, share info, tips and tricks that add value to your life.  MyCoCreations is co-creating, on a whole new level! 

Organic food purchases are on the rise as people across the globe find out the truth about the harmful chemicals and pesticides that are being used to grow, ripen and preserve their food.  For this same reason individuals like yourself are seeking out MyCoCreations, a company that uses truly natural and organic ingredients in our products, those that will be used in your homes and on your bodies.  Your skin is porous, the same openings that allows the sweat to exit your body during it’s cleansing process is the same way that your body absorbs the nutrients that are inherent in the natural and organic ingredients used in the creation process.  For this reason alone you want to make sure to “feed” your body externally as well as internally and that is easy to do when using healthy products.

MYCOCREATIONS is unique in that not only do we create products that are beneficial to your health, we also allow you to take an active role in the creation process.  This brings about a result that is extremely unique as well as very personal. Not only do you know exactly what ingredients are being used in your product but you are not just sitting back accepting what is being given to you, you are co-creating the product that you want! 

Many natural companies claim to be natural and/or organic but when you look at the ingredient labels you see that the main ingredients are mostly water, alcohol and or contain harmful fragrances, preservatives and very little health benefits.  Look at it this way, if a product claims to be 70% organic, then the other 30% is harmful chemicals.  I don’t know about you but I don’t want to pay for what is referred to as an “organic” product that is harmful to my health.  Organic is all or nothing.  Please don’t be fooled by buzz words,  the fragrance and colors, that are chemicals created in a laboratory are used to draw you in.

MYCOCREATIONS uses only 100% organic and natural, NON GMO ingredients.  Those that are of the earth and grown naturally without chemical laden fertilizers, sprays and insecticides. It is a growing epidemic that farmers are being coerced into using GMO (genetically modified organisms) products and seeds on their farms but there are many that are making a choice to use them because the profit margin is higher.  Let me take a moment to explain something very important to you.  Knowledge is power and we must empower ourselves and each other by learning about what happens to our food and products before they reach our homes. 

If you take a look around you can clearly see that there is a health crisis occurring right here in the US. This crisis is greatly due to the “food” and product that is being sold but it doesn’t end there.  Once you get “sick” you often go to a doctor who prescribes some type of medication as a way to halt/stop your body from showing signs that it is unhealthy.  Sadly, this cycle is on repeat and it just continues.  These GMO, non organic and unnatural products are causing a lot of health issues as the genetically modified organisms get into the food we eat and products we put on our bodies, our cells start to change.  As you allow these organisms into your body they slowly start to change your body!  Your cells begin transforming as the genetically modified organisms “sit” in the cells of your body and are not flushed out.  If you REALLY think about this, YOUR body is being genetically altered.  This is NOT ok with me and many to do not really think about it at this level but we do and are here to share the truth with you and give you the means to fortify your cells not break them down. 

The ingredients in our products are researched thoroughly prior to use.  Our products are scented with only the best essential oils that are extracted from plants, resins and flowers.  We never use soy in ANY of our products and maintain the utmost diligence in providing you with information, facts and access the latest findings related to health so that you can try them out for yourself. 

Remember, you are creating your life each and every day!  The choices you make will play a huge role in the outcome.  Choose healthy living, choose MyCoCreations and experience the difference.


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