Back in August I ventured outside of the US and made way to Belize, Central America.  I went to visit family and experience a different place/space.  I had such an amazing time, which I discussed in this post right here, and I brought back something that will keep Belize in my life and part of our co-creations.  While in Belize I was grateful, ecstatic, happy and oh so grateful to tour an organic chocolate factory, owned and operated by a small family.  Please read on for more details!


WhiteChocolateButtercream-based-deodorant-for-her cream-based-deodorant-for-him WhiteChocolateBars

Based on history,
Mayan’s were the first to unearth the delicious, health beneficial plant called Theobroma cacao (chocolate tree) and while on a vacation I visited a Mayan owned and operated chocolate factory, my mind
was blown.

Upon arriving at the factory, I saw a sign that said “Organic Chocolate”  and I was so excited but equally shocked at the size of the building.  It was very small and I thought to myself, hmmm this is a chocolate factory?

When I walked through the door, I was greeted with a friendly smile, by one of the owners, also known as the “Queen of Chocolate” and the thick, aroma of pure, fresh chocolate roasting.   I was given a tour and a lesson on the history of the chocolate factory, the machines used and how they are still doing things the “old way”.  As I stood there listening to the history of their family and the health benefits obtained from this trees’ fruit my mind was going!  I already used cocoa butter in my products but it didn’t look like or taste like the raw cacao butter I was able to sample.   The benefits of this pure product had to be shared with others and so I bring to you our all natural, 100% organic white chocolate candy bar, deodorant for both males and females, white chocolate body butter and so much more, all made with Belizean cocoa butter!

I was extremely pleased to find out that the entire process from growing the cacao trees, to harvesting, roasting, separating cacao butter from the cacao powder and finally to creating products like chocolate candy bars, soap, wine and more, is done by the family.  I was told that this is the only way to make sure the chocolate stays pure and organic.  They do not add anything that is not needed to their products and aim to provide the best chocolate, just as they always have.

The first bite of a chocolate was bliss, so creamy and full of pure intense flavors, my mouth was happy.  The experience of fresh, raw, organic chocolate was coupled with their hospitality and all around good vibe:  I didn’t want to leave!


Not only is this family aligned with the values, morals and healthy attitude of my family but they are also passing down invaluable info to the next generation.

If you missed the link above I posted here as well.  Read about my trip to Belize and see a few pictures I’ve posted

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