Another solution to cleaning your ears

I heard, a few years back, that it was not good to use q-tips for removing the ear wax from your ears.  Intuitively I felt that using a q-tip weren’t the right tool for the job, they just didn’t feel right and didn’t work like I expected.  With that being said I’ve been looking for another way to cleanse wax from the ear canal.

I used a few points to rate my test.Image result for ear picks

  • Effectively removes wax buildup – If the wax is not embedded in the ear canal it works well
  • Easy to use – Very easy
  • Easy to clean – Wash with soap and water makes the clean up easy and hygienic
  • Eco-friendly – Made with stainless steel, wash do not throw away

The only thing I did not like about the stainless steel ear picks is that they did not come with a storage container which would make them more hygienic.

All in all, I like the way these ear picks work.  They clean fairly well and the gentle scraping action feels like a gentle ear massage!



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