Indoor Painting with Zero VOC Paint

Being a natural girl, I can’t stand fumes, they make me sick literally!  I get light headed, nauseous, and dizzy just walking through the mall or the perfume isle so when it was time to paint my bedroom, I did a lot of research.  There are quite a few brands that offer zero-VOC but The ones that I choose were BEHR Premium Plus and Valspar Reserve Interior Paint.  The color selection,  application and most importantly the absence of harsh fumes are all are reasons to purchase these.

I won’t say either paint was scent free but they surely were damn close.  I didn’t get a headache, although while painting I did take a few breaks because I was being extra cautious knowing that even though I wasn’t smelling much, the paint is still a man-made synthetic chemical concoction.

I am very happy with both, though they were kinda pricey, Zero VOC is worth it!

+ Low to no scent

+ 2 coats to cover a really dark color

+ Dries very quickly

+ Great color options

What is does Zero VOC mean?

Zero VOC Any paint with VOC’s in the range of 5 grams/litre or less can be called “Zero VOC”, according to the EPA Reference Test Method 24. Some manufacturers may claim “Zero-VOC’s”, but these paints may still use colorants, biocides and fungicides with some VOC’s.
Adding a color tint usually brings the VOC level up to 10 grams/liter, which is still quite low.

Zero VOC paint Zero VOC paint


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